Friday, January 24, 2014

Climate Change - New York Times - Comment

The entire climate change movement is focused on “obstructing” the use of fossil fuels, there is no other viable option at the moment. The Stone Age never ended because we ran out of stones, it ended because we found a better way. If indeed, global warming has as its primary cause the burning of fossil fuels, and, as is fact, there is no economically viable replacement for fossil fuels – the solution lies in developing a viable energy source. I submit, if all the people mentioned in this article and all the other brain power and influence that has gone to “obstruct” fossil fuel use directed their actions in a positive way, that is to say DEVELOP A SOLUTION, we would have a solution very quickly. It is important to note as well, there has been global warming on earth in pre-industrial times, one would be a fool to believe there is not anthropogenic effect on climate change, one does need to ponder degree however, we may freeze in the dark and the earth may carry on without us – a strong thought process to support adaption and or a two pronged approach.