Thursday, July 18, 2013

Canadian Identity - Canadian Nambi Pambism & Political Correctness

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Canadian Identity - Canadian Nambi Pambism & Political Correctness

Canadian nambi pambism is rampant. This is one element of our culture that needs to be altered if not eradicated. Rather than promote characters, we promote compliance. In the mist of plenty and under the umbrella of state paternalism we’ve allowed a marshmallow to reside at our core. My mother had many stories about the depression and the hardships people endured through those times; that was a group of resilient people. The single redeeming element of her life in that era was the presence of strong individualised people – people worked in concert but were absent the blandness that the collectivism of today produces.

The mantra of collectivism has permutated our culture and generated milk toast where fire should be. From a constant refrain of “check with your doctor first” to “be careful” to “the inability to cook a meal without checking with the Canada food guide” and an incessant need to turn to government for everything, a culture of dependence is emerging.

Peace order and good governance has served us well. Wrapped in that package is a strong tenancy toward conformity. Conformity to political correctness has in many cases stifled thought, political correctness is truly a conditioning tool to restrict entry into the narrative of that which some deem undesirable.

The nearly tyrannical enforcement of politically correct speech in academic institutions is a frightening example, frightening because in the limiting of speech, the limiting of thought is inherent. This was exemplified in the actions of one institution when they suspended a professor for suggesting that the biological differences in men and woman may be at the root of the way society evolved extending an inappropriate portion of influence to men. I personally am unsure what caused the gross inequity between men and women to emerge, I can see the biological requirements of women would put them is position of vulnerability in the absence of social structure. The man’s assertion had a basis in thought to contemplate a societal outcome absent the attachment of value, there are many possible reasons why women may have found themselves in position of inequity, and surely it is reasonable to have the debate. Political correctness is a means by which social pressure by the majority suppresses the view of the minority, aside from being unfair, it is unhealthy.  

Give me another one like Sir John A. McDonald who was quoted as saying “they like me better drunk than they do Brown sober”, if a politician was to demonstrate such humorous character in contemporary Canadian society, the do gooder healthy kiddy foundation would launch a full scale smear campaign.

In concert with nambi pambism and political correctness, comes the muting of the individual, it seems we are becoming a nation willing to adopt the oppressive cultural that has as a component, the inclination to chop off the head that rises above the crowd or even the head that wants to go its own way.

In an ambient culture of goody two shoes, conditioning to turn to authority for direction and tyrannical political correctness; where are the free thinkers going to come from, where will diversity of thought come from? We need to reignite the cultural appreciation of the strong, critical thinking, self-assured individual.  There is a balance to be struck between adventurism and conformity, conformity in Canadian society has reached gag inducing levels – lets dial it back.   
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