Monday, September 7, 2015

Suport CHILDCARE - Say NO to factory daycare

We want Canadian’s to have a good life, we want well-adjusted children and we know that the choice to have children is taxing, relative to avoiding having children. Parents have raised children since the dawn of time absent government intervention and the world has progressed. I think people sense that providing help in the form of a child subsidy of some sort would ease the load that new parents encounter. So let’s just say that parents’ need help and we are going to give it to them; it is better to give parents help (money) than to build another institution to put little children in.

I am eager to call attention to a generalized trend in society, a trend that promises to generate a cultural monolith rather than diversity, as we know in nature, a mono-culture is dangerous and so it is in society.  The trend is the institutionalization of our country – we are – from coast to coast to coast institutionalized – institutions by their nature feed the center of bell curve, the exceptional and the challenged get winnowed out.  

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Lenin

Our education system is a monolith; the “school” culture is nearly pan Canadian, save small variances. The capacity for the school system to adapt to trends, to absorb technology and to attend to the individual is grossly retarded by the size of educational institutions alone.  The vast majority of individuals in the system providing services are exceptionally trained and good people; the challenge is the environment we create for them impairs their being as effective as they could be.  There is a push in Canada to expand the school system further down into the early childhood sphere, to institutionalize child rearing; it is a disturbing thing to see people lobbying government to put their children into an institution. People should be lobbying government for MORE time with their children as opposed to trying to farm them out.

The institutionalization of childhood and development of children, is troubling. At every turn children are put into organized environments, organized play – it is making a generation of followers who are creativity deficient. I get tired of seeing kids in uniforms, in schools, in single file walking down streets behind a “childcare” worker. I want to see them figuring things out, in environments where there is inter-generational knowledge transfer. People tend to forget, child rearing is in no way child minding, we should avoid occupying them until they are adults. Child rearing is the building of an adult, they need one on one time with adults for that to occur effectively.  

Why is it important for parents to retain influence over their children? There is a unique dynamic that occurs as parents come together and make a family, family cultures and genes merge and a phenotype emerges from the process. The children can only become steeped in the culture peculiar to their parent’s merger, if their parents contribute to their rearing. From the merger of family cultures children are shaped in a unique way, that “phenotype” combines with the ambient culture to generate outcomes, this is the well spring of diverse people and thought – we need to preserve it.

When I was a child we use to use the term “school of thought”, how often do you hear it now? There really is only one school of thought now, one approach to challenges and opportunities; group think pan Canada – let’s hope no one walks off a cliff. 

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