Thursday, February 11, 2016

Inverine Marine - A Call To Action

This offering is atypical due the application of innovative processes, with established elements; so the risk associated with innovations is minimized. The boat designs are innovative and tailored to the environment and people they are intended for. The Business model is innovative in it approach and scale. The confluence of these two ventures was a product of design rather that happenstance. The market is there and ineffectively served, Inverine Marine is designed to aggressively take market share with a cohesive offering in a market characterized by dispersed and varied actors. Most importantly to investors, is that the build-out is designed to ensure that the greatest part of the invested capital is supported by marketable assets in the form of watercraft. I am excited about this business and confident in a positive outcome in it's development. Please call and allow me to brief you completely on a lucrative business ideally suited to contemporary times.

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