Tuesday, September 12, 2017

More Bad Tax Policy - Governance confounded by failed doctrine AGAIN

Again in BC, we are being bludgeoned with equality.  In the name of social justice, the NDP are taking from those who have worked hard to build a life for their families and giving it away on programs that none of us will ever know the outcome of. British Columbians are generous people; however, too often we’ve seen redistributionist policy gone awry. If the NDP is sincere about helping the less fortunate, then it is better to focus on getting them started with education and capital, rather than through force of law taking from the very type people the NDP are purporting they want to create. This envy culture brought in to being by the systematic demonization of success and that calls financial security greedy will cripple British Columbia if it is allowed to get traction.

Disaster is inherent in the pursuit of equality, because, it is contrary to the way the universe works – equality exists nowhere in nature or in the physical world generally.  Never in human history has equality been achieved and when it has been pursued, disaster has ensued – so just stop it, please.  As a strategy to improve the plight of the poor it has never worked and worse, when you say to people I am going to take something you own away and give it to someone else, you excite resistance to the goal you are attempting to achieve – that is just stupid so stop it. It is also unnecessary when you can develop policies that give the less fortunate opportunity to be a part of the middle class and beyond AND benefit the people who are relatively wealthy – you create a win win – and you avoid punishing success.  It seems if you shake a tree in BC ten weary old Trotskies fall out, peddling faulty solutions.

Here’s a couple Win Win Policy Suggestions,  I’ve many more – have a look.

What does work in contrast to equality, is equity. When we are generous in our efforts to build lives, support families and at creating opportunities that a healthy economy gives – the lower income strata will benefit and society generally will benefit.   A healthy economy, open markets, support and work will help the less fortunate be a part of society. Chopping the heads off tall poppies to feed a culture of envy will lead us all to subsistence – there is a better way we should take it.  It is important to note also, it was greedy Toryism that got the whole redistributionist misadventure going during the industrial revolution. As a society now, we are smarter and we know a little generosity goes a long way.

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