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The writer has been an observer of the “health” “functional” food space for some years. As an individual interested in nutrition and exercise, the observation has been made that there is retardation in the absorption of technology in the “function beverage” space. When one attempts to purchase beverages at large, one finds the absence of attention to functionality in general, and more specifically to functionality peculiar to specific human action.  There is consumer vigilance for, and knowledge of, nutrition in the context of human action, yet the market is void of a practical solution. This reality presents an opportunity to enter the beverage market.

The functional beverage space is projected to grow at 6 to 10% annually into the medium term, by contrast, the fluid milk and softdrink markets are going to contract. This is a vibrant space with new technology coming available at an accelerated pace, an enterprise that possesses as it paramount functionality “adaptability” supported by consumer insight, is promised a dominant place in the market.  

Product Definition

1)    Business Mission

a.    The business mission is to capture fully all relevant technologies in the function food space, to capture all relevant consumption information, to accurately assess the needs and desires of various market segments and to deliver the resulting cutting edge functional beverage to the market.

2)    Product Description / Concept

a.    The design criteria starts with desired nutritional outcomes related to a given human endeavour and then incorporates other contributing factors of success, like for example, palatability.

b.    The product concept consists of a line of health oriented functional food beverages that are nutritionally tailored to given human actions, utilising both the full spectrum of technology and ingestion data to create a beverage line, by way of example for a single athletic beverage line: pre, during and post work out beverages, beverages developed for workout type – whey protean intensive beverage for weight lifting, carbohydrate rich beverage for endurance activities, energy drinks, high protean evening beverage etc.. There are new “technology driven” imperatives for the timing of nutrient consumption related to exercise, and nutrient configuration related to exercise depending on what point one is at in the exercise cycle.

c.    The various human requirements for nutrition relative to activity can be largely addressed by managing the macro nutrient mix, Protean, Fat and Carbohydrates, as such, it is the intention of the writer in the beverage design process to alter the macro nutrient mix by accessing multiple ingredients to optimise the beverage to where people are in the exercise cycle, and / or to what type of exercise activity they intend to engage in.

d.    There are other functional foods required by the population that the products will either be designed to address directly or offered as an adjunctive benefit to the exercise related products. The products will take the form of functional beverages, like for example, an energy drink offering with comparable or better palatability than other energy drinks in the market, with a vastly more beneficial macro nutrient profile; this product will contain all the requisite ingredients peculiar to other energy drinks with the addition of a macro nutrient configuration most suiting a specific human action.

e.    Ingredients will be varied and come to light as the product of the development process, as they are sought to satisfy identified consumer demands, they may include items like Melatonin, caffeine, fibre, vitamins etc …

f.     The key differentiating factor in the design process’, is the attention to “functionality” in the context of “human action”.
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