Thursday, February 27, 2014

Prosperity Mine Project - FEDS SHUT IT DOWN - SHAME

Lakes sacred, well maybe, what is sacred FOR SURE is the health, happiness and wellbeing of children, in this case the the local band's children's future is at stake - now the prospect for a prosperous future for them is diminished. Spiritual contemplation, the act of attaching metaphysical contemplation to a geo physical aspect is fine I suppose, until the human condition is impaired or harmed, this makes as much sense as any other radicalised religious act. This mine is exactly the kind of project that could contribute to the band's prosperity and all of our prosperity. The fact that a federal body has intervened and arrested a mining project in British Columbia is another example of the feds overstepping their bounds, this is our province and our backyard we are absent the need for Ottawa to tell us how to run it - I resent their heavy-handedness in this matter. There is nothing pretty about mining - but for dollar return / square foot of environmental impact, it is hard to beat. I wish the band well, subsistence must agree with them.

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