Sunday, November 15, 2015

Islam & the West – World Peace - Recent Events Belgium

"All that's necessary for the triumph of evil is for enough good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke.

It has been the case since the dawn of time that those with the might make the rules; I have no evidence to the contrary in contemporary times. So what to do, always make sure that might resides with those intent on good. Good is a somewhat nebulous term, plenty of opportunity for interpretation. Here is one definition for good people – people who are seeking to provide liberty to people, people who seek to influence human behavior through a process of enlightening others, people who actually believe love matters, people who can look at the truths of others and accept them as being as valid as their own truths, people who hold humanitarian concern as paramount and people who have the strength to protect these goods by whatever means necessary.

All faiths, all humanitarians, all people who are enlightened, have the capacity to pursue these goods and to withstand dogma that would have them venture into a violent sphere to promote one dogma over another dogma. The challenge is that the world’s population is made up mostly of the indoctrinated rather than the enlightened; even personally, I hold a Christian bias due to my exposure to the Canadian narrative and my family history – and I make an effort every day to see the other side. When one is faced with tribalism, dogma and survival in the life equation, reason is no longer an option – one is faced with calculations like, conform to the immediate dogma totally or all that one loves is destroyed – conformity at this point is the only way forward. People who want to control populations always want conformity to dogma, this is the antithesis to democracy, secularism or pluralism. The desire for compliance is in no way peculiar to Islam, it resides in the hearts of many in western democracies, in the hearts of people who would rather impose belief rather than to let belief develop as people are exposed to the cultural tapestry there to teach us all. One needs grounding, mine was Christian and as such, all other thinking is held juxtaposed to Christian teaching – the difference between being a bigot and enlightened resides in one’s ability to permit belief to migrate as the facts change. The challenge with extremists is they are locked into one belief and they will kill to keep it or forward it; for them the only solution is to subdue them and the only mechanism to do so is to be in possession of greater might.

Josip Broz Tito ruled Yugoslavia with an iron hand, an iron hand that insisted that factions got along – an enforced pluralism if you will. Under his leadership the various factions, Muslims to Christians lived in close quarters, across the street from one another, peacefully. Absent the presence of Tito’s hegemony, Yugoslavia “balkanized” into several states and factional war resulted in a massive human tragedy. What is the moral of this story, having a Hegemon works, even when the hegemon is a benevolent dictator. Yugoslavia disintegrated before the very eyes of the present day United Nations, why, because the United Nations is a place of talking as opposed to a place of action. One human tragedy of massive proportions after another transpires while United Nations watches, why, because the United Nations is a place of talking as opposed to action. Winston Churchill said, there is no use in having Judges and Magistrates absent a constabulary – passing judgement is a mere thought, acting on that judgement changes outcomes.

The Hegemony in the world now is NATO, the military might of a collection of the most progressive and prosperous nations in human history. Is NATO flawed, certainly, do we need to be able to kick nations out as easily as they are brought to membership. NATO – or a military force – that has as its master human choice is the Hegemony we need to support, build and improve. There are a cross-section of Nations that are members of NATO, Turkey is one of note given recent events, the organization is clearly dominated by the secular democratic imperative. The world hegemon now, from a single nation perspective, is the United States, the United States hegemony commenced shortly after WW2, please make an objective assessment of our world now and post WW2, and exercise judgement.  

The point here is this, we have a responsibility to protect the downtrodden, those that are affected by tyranny, those seeking a better life – the only way we can do that is to possess might sufficient to impose our will, the will that is driven by the desire to permit people to live with love, peace and prosperity. NATO has a multitude of influences at play, and it has taken some hits that have challenged its position as hegemon lately. If however, we develop it properly, if we give the NATO’s ear to United Nations, it can be the force we need for good – it, in large measure, has been the reason we’ve have enjoyed the peace we have in my generation – I am hoping it does for my grandchildren as well. The events in France are in no way of France, they are occurring because we have failed to get at the roots of challenge – one root is ISSI, there are many more. The paradox of peace has always been it must be fought for.


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